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PNT Data is now the new claims clearinghouse for VA FSC, processing claims for the following Payer IDs: VA DNC (Dialysis National Contract) VAFSC, VA OGA VAICE, VA CAMP LEJEUNE CLFM1.

At PNT Data, we’re committed to providing superior customer service to all of our partners and customers. To start submitting your claims electronically, please register by clicking the link below.

We encourage you to start the enrollment process right away to avoid any service disruption. We want to make this transition as smooth and seamless as possible for you.
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We enable timely, quality data without friction

Healthcare payers, providers and other users need to share and/or consume timely, quality data to positively impact revenues, health status, costs and service experience. PNT provides a flexible, scalable, secure and compliant managed service that solves the constant complexities that occur in data acquisition, quality control and distribution.

We Solve

See what our customers have to say

“Earlier this year, the teams were asked to bring in clinical records for 50% of the targeted population and we did it! We are now at 51.3% – a significant milestone. Kudos to everyone for the Herculean effort to get us this far. This represents over 200 facilities and provider systems, and over 600,000 unique records year-to-date. Well done, everyone!” — National Health Plan, SVP, Clinical Analytics

“Thank you so much for the collaboration and rigor to get this to the finish line, this is truly outstanding work!” — National Health Plan, Clinical Analyst

“Your team has been such a breeze to work with and I can honestly say that your team far exceeded my experience with other teams. You worked through requirements in a structured way, were efficient and organized, and above all – engaged in the process! We always received quick and thorough responses and made every step in the project smooth and efficient! I truly appreciated your leadership and everything you did to move the work along without any glitches!” — Hospital System, Clinical Data Submitter

We support a wide range of data-driven initiatives

  • Clinical:
  • Quality Initiatives
  • Risk Adjustment
  • Population Health
  • EDI:
  • Real-time Eligibility
  • Claims Attachments
  • Cost Estimator

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