Our powerful EDI Platform prioritizes transparency, accelerates payments, ensures data quality, and standardizes processes for thousands of health plans and providers across the country. We stand by our superior service model with robust and easy-to-use tools that make EDI simple and secure. Our scalable HITRUST and HIPAA-compliant platform processes all X12n transactions including claims, remits, eligibility, claim status inquiries, prior authorization, referrals and attachments.  

Scalable. Our bi-directional batch and real-time gateway processes over a billion transactions annually.

Connectivity. Our connectivity to the largest health plans in the country provides our customers with direct connections for faster processing.

Hassle Free. Our service model prioritizes data submitter needs to decrease any friction that may delay access to important data.

Focus. Our singular focus on data helps us understand how impactful it can be to your business.

EDI Transactions Supported

We support connectivity between healthcare system constituents to efficiently and cost-effectively deliver reliable data exchange services in batch and real-time environment. PNT provides a variety of managed services for the transaction types outlined below: 

Eligibility query/response, batch or real-time (270/271)  

Claim status inquiry, batch or real-time (276/277)  

Healthcare services review information, batch or real-time (278)  

File attachments (275)  

Professional, Institutional, and Dental claim submissions (837)  

Claim responses (999, 277)

Remittances (835)

Enrollment/eligibility (834) 

Specialty EDI Services

We understand how powerful data can be and the benefits it can bring to your business. We don’t just process EDI transactions, we utilize members data to build specialty projects that enable you to be more efficient, competitive, and customer focused. Our specialty EDI services include:

Hosted real-time services

Member cost estimation

Real-time claims adjudication

Member eligibility validation/augmentation and eligibility file distribution

Treatment Cost Calculator

Medicaid and Dental claims reclamation

Secondary claims web integration

Real-time access of payer eligibility and patient liability service (telemedicine)