Electronic Medical Attachments (ANSI X12N 275)

A new and improved way to request and submit healthcare claim attachments.

If you’re a health plan, vendor or provider, PNT can seamlessly integrate an Electronic Medical Attachment solution with your existing workflows.

What is an ANSI X12N 275 Additional Information to Support a Healthcare Claim or Encounter?

An insurance industry standard, the ANSI X12N 275 enables providers to send information as electronic attachments (like Word documents, PDF files, text files, image files, and CDA files).

Our 275 Services for Submitters

The big push in the healthcare industry today is to eliminate paper when claims processing for reconciliation or audit requires additional information. 275 transactions provide a way to send medical documentation electronically from a person’s record to a health plan, eliminating the need to fax or email documentation separately – and because claim information is already embedded in it, the transaction speed to reconciliation will improve.

PNT can work with you to help you configure and test the transactions so they can be managed quickly and without error, dramatically improving the workflow between submitters and health plans.

Regardless of whether you are a health plan, provider, or an intermediary, PNT can support the entire requested documentation process. Our services include:

  • Processing of compliant 275 transactions as a result of solicited requests for additional documentation, as well as unsolicited attachments when the provider knows supplemental information will be required
  • Interpretation of 277 requests for additional information claim responses (277RFAI)
  • Routing of electronic documentation to the appropriate requester and support building processes around the way these transactions are integrated into existing workflows

Get in touch with PNT today to have one of our specialists discuss how to incorporate the ANSI X12 275 transaction process and how it can impact your bottom line.

Our 275 Services for Health Plans

Obtaining the additional documentation needed for submitting claims data either for reconciliation, reconsideration or audit can be an arduous chore. It may involve requesting the information from a provider, having them pull the data and print it for faxing or prepare it for electronic submission, and then uploading the data through a portal or secure mailbox.

The 275 attachment transaction can simplify and streamline this process, by obtaining the documentation electronically so it can be indexed through each claim’s identifier and made available to your processors and auditors in a few easy steps.

The Benefits of Using 275 Healthcare Claim Attachments

  1. Improved Efficiency. No disruption to your day-to-day activities. Integration with existing workflows allows for faster adoption and greater efficiency.
  2. Faster Claim Adjudication. Providing and receiving additional information electronically allows health plans to process claims faster.
  3. Reduced Costs. No postage, mailroom, phone or operational costs to submit paper claims.
  4. Less Provider Friction. The ability to submit solicited or unsolicited attachments reduces friction between organizations, allowing for greater collaboration.
  5. Higher Claim Accuracy. Including health plan-specific documentation proactively allows health plans to make the right decision the first time around.
  6. Reduced Paper Claim Intake. Improves your workflows and decreases paper claim percentages.
  7. Greater Transparency. Our platform allows organizations to track the status of a claim and healthcare attachment. You can review claims and determine if more details are required to process them.
  8. Bridge Interoperability Gap. Combines administrative and clinical data into one single transaction.
  9. Fraud Prevention. Helps in the recognition, identification, and investigation of suspicious claims.

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